Bermuda Dunes MLS Search

Conducting a multiple listing search used to be reserved for real estate agents only.  However, with today’s state-of-the-art technology it is now possible for a potential buyer to utilize the system to search for and discover their perfect dream home.  The Brad Schmett Real Estate Group has incorporated this new technology into their extensive website so that listings of residential properties are easily accessible to their clients.

Brad’s team understands that each individual luxury home shopper has their own unique requirements and that no two are ever quite the same.  Each town in the Coachella Valley also has a unique flavor and inventory of luxury homes from which to choose.  With the Bermuda Dunes MLS Search a buyer can enter a number of search parameters such as square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and amenities such as swimming pools and fireplaces.  In this way, they are able to customize their search so that only the homes that fit the specific search parameters will come up in the results.

With thousands of listings, accompanied by thousands of photos, this is a tool that saves countless hours of time and energy in conducting a home search.  A real estate agent from anywhere in the Coachella Valley made a list a home for sale in the multiple listing services that may then be accessed by buyers and agents online, from anywhere in the world.  More often than not, these listings are also accompanied by video tours and an extensive menu of information about the town in which they are located.

Featured homes for sale are easy to see and assess from a distance, without having to travel to Bermuda Dunes to physically view the property.  This allows a homebuyer to narrow down their actual home visits to a few special homes that have already been selected via their technological search.  By knowing what to expect ahead of time, disappointments are averted and time is saved.  In fact, it also means that the moment someone spots of the home of their dreams they are able to notify their agent that they wish to see it immediately.  No more waiting to see a home you love only to find out it was sold before you got there.

By taking the first steps toward home ownership, such as selecting your agent and getting pre-approved for your mortgage, you will be ready to use the MLS system online to search for your new home.